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This company is amazing! They worked with us being a start-up and really helped us understand the endless abyss of marketing online. Snaptech educated us so we learned as a company what we were doing."

Brian O. Mohika, RN.
Inventor and CEO of CathWear

This free strategy session will be led by Flavio Marquez, President & Lead Strategist at Snaptech Marketing.

Flavio has worked in the digital space for over 20 years. Having directly consulted hundreds of companies in dozens of industries, he loves the challenge of growing a client’s bottom-line results

Snaptech is a 
Google Premier Partner

We are proud to be one of the few Google Premier Partners in North America, hand selected by Google for our professionalism and work quality.

Our continued, reciprocal relationship with Google is a testament to our team’s ability to consistently produce measurable results for our clients.

There are over five billion searches a day online. Some of them are for you. 

You know your customers need to find you, and that being online is more important than ever. It's also more confusing than ever. 

What platforms are your customers on? What messaging do they need to hear? Balancing all the advice with your budget and trying to find the time to make it happen? It's exhausting.

Snaptech can help. We work with businesses like you to find the best ways to use online marketing to reach your goals. Snaptech doesn't believe in cookie-cutter solutions; our team gets to know your business and creates customized strategies that make sense for your budget, your audience, and your business.

Please be assured, this consultation is not a thinly-disguised sales presentation. It will consist of the best intelligence we are able to supply over the course of a 30 minute conversation.

During this fast-paced conversation we will uncover the following:

1. Your Current Performance & Outlook:

The world today has impacted your business and your target market. Let's uncover how this impacts your sales and lead generation process. Reviewing your key products and services along with your competition will help us to get a sense of the landscape.

2. Your Goals, Targets, and Metrics:

Your marketing strategy should reflect your overall business goals and what you are trying to achieve. Not sure what those are or should be? No problem. Snaptech can help you uncover them. You will leave knowing that your strategy has key performance metrics that are aligned with your goals and that what you are striving for is achievable given your budget. 

3. Your Successes & Opportunities

There is a saying we like to use in our meetings which is - "you know your business the best." We will never know more about your business than you do, and you have a wealth of information about your successes that can be learned from. Learning about what you have tried and what results were achieved allows insights about new opportunities. 

4. Our Recommendations for Your Success:

You will receive specific strategies that will help you to reach your business' goals, so you can focus on doing the work you love. You will receive actionable ideas around generating more leads and qualified traffic, eliminate tactics that aren't working and reduce unnecessary spend, expand what is already working and take advantage of new opportunities.

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Your customers are searching for you, but can they find you?

In today's landscape, it is more important than ever that your customers can find you online. You will receive online marketing advice and strategies that work for your business to help you speak to your customers, save money, and achieve your goals.

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"I have worked with Snaptech Marketing for about 3 years. They are very knowledgeable, professional, and focused on measurable results."

Access MRI

"Snaptech was able to seamlessly stitch together my needs for a website, booking engine, shopping cart and measurable marketing strategy. It can be very difficult to figure out your SEO needs and many different providers can provide some, but never all, your needs in one package. Snaptech allowed me to have a single view of my SEO strategy and results in one platform. Highly recommended!


"Our firm has been using SnapTech for the past year and have been very satisfied with the quality of service and their understanding of the industry. The ROI is well worth the investment."

Halladay Education Group